What are the main stages of video production?

3 Phases of video production

Production of videos is not as simple and streamlined as it looks on screen.It is a quite complex process. Whatever the pupose of video may be, all videos go through same 3 stages.

Pre-Production Phase of video production

Writing Story in pre-production
Story and Script Writing in Pre-Production phase of video production

This phase is where it all starts. Pre-production is about 3 things – planning, planning and planning. Every detail of the project is planned in this phase. It starts from an idea to story,script and screenplay.Budgets,schedule,locations and pre-requisites; everything is intellectually planned in phase. First step is to have a concept or theme, then a story is written on it. After story script and screenplay are drafted in which every part of story is detailed and every shot and take is planned. This lays the foundation of film. After this casting for the video starts. Suitable actors are chosen for respective roles. In the meantime many other processes run like location scouting,permissions,budgets,schduling etc. Pre-Production phase of video production decides how well your next phases will be carried out. If this is not done correct and clear then one is definitely going to create a mess.

Production Phase of video production

Video Production - Cast and Crew shooting a video
Shooting or Principal Photography in Production phase of video production

This is the Second phase of video production and actually the most popular one as it contains all the “action”. In this all the principal photography is done. Every shot is done according to schedule. There are numerous takes to accomplish the required shot.This phase takes the most energy and manpower. Various departments work to achieve the director’s vision. There are cameras, lights,displays,sound arrangements and many more equipments and obviously many people handling these equipments.Every shot is captured from various angles to capture all the required details and emotion. This process can take hours to days or months according to the video. Everything that is planned in pre production phase is carried out very carefully in this phase

Post – Production Phase of video production

Post-Production Process
Editing,Sound & Color Grading in Post-Production phase of video production

Once shooting is wrapped up video enters post production phases. This is the most time consuming phase of the production.This is the phase when shots are given their final shape.This is something that can make or break the video.In this phase, video is edited; shots are stitched together,visual effects are done,music is added , audio effects,animations, motion graphics and voiceovers are done. Firstly the shots are edited and sequenced ; if visual effects are required those are also done, Then background score and sound work is done.After that color grading and D.I is done.Then only a master copy is made. Many people work continuously work in this phase to bring the video to life. Many mistakes of previous phases are fixed in this phase.That’s why this phase is very crucial. Every thing done in previous phases is lined up and shaped into the story that is written in first phase. In short, video is finalised in this phase.

Though There are many subphases in these phases but These were the three main phases of video production.whether you want to make a youtube video, a short film or a full feature film you have to go through above phases to produce a video.For even a short 3 minute video these three phases can take many man hours.

Hope This information helps you in some way. however, Video Making is not an easy process.It can’t be summed up in few hundred words.It needs to be learned properly. It requires knowledge,practice and experience to make videos. So,One needs to go through Learning techniques and practices of video making. If you really want to learn the process online then you can check these filmmaking courses.

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