Whether you work for a company or as a freelancer; at office or home.There are some essential tools that you need as a graphic designer.Here I have summed up some tools that you essentialy need for graphic designing or you can include in your bag to make your workflow better.So here are Essential Tools For Graphic Designers.


A Powerful Desktop is a very basic requirement for a graphic designer.You need a powerful desktop compter so that you can run every designing and 3d application on it. Performance and reliability are two requirements for a desktop used for graphics designing work. So always opt for a good and powerful desktop computer. Apple iMac Pro is a very good option if you don’t want a customly built Windows computer.

Tablet and Stylus

These tools have really changed the graphic designing workflow or we can say improved it alot. Stylus Pens have really made it easier to draw stuff as using mouse for this kind of stuff is really not very much convenient.It saves you alot of time and effort.It’s a vital tool for graphic designers these days.

Sketchbook and Pencils

Now this is where a good workflow starts. Designers always start their work with a rough idea which needs to be sketched first to get it clear. then it moves to the designing apps. so to make things clear before moving to the digitalization you need a sketchbook to get things started.

Portable Hard Drives

Portable Hard Drives are a very convenient options whether you want to keep backup or you want to keep any resources out of your computer for safety or even transferring data between multiple devices.

 Monitor calibrator

Colors are probably the most important things which a graphics designer wouldnot want to go wrong with.Especially if it’s not your fault.You can use monitor calibrator to make your display colors accurate.ad make the same configuration for all your display devices.


These days you can’t imagine any work without a smartphone.And graphic designing work is no different. It can serve you so many options. You can record an idea or inspiration any time.Even if you don’t have any tools at a time this thing can help you save your ideas for future. A Smartphone with a descent camera can really help you to capture any inspiration you get in your surroundings.

Above are some of the tools that are essential for graphic designing work.

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