Export Transparent Background After Effects

How to Export Transparent Background After Effects

Exporting videos with transparent background or alpha channel can be very handy for rendering motion graphics,overlays or lowerthirds.It allows an artist to composite different elements together easily and efficiently which may otherwise take more time and efforts.But if you are a newbie or have never used alpha channel then you can learn how to export transparent video in after effects.If you are a newbie and looking for sources to learn after effects definitely check out the best sources to learn after effects.

Make Sure Your Composition Background is Transparent

There is a little checkerboard icon at the bottom of the composition panel which reads Toggle Transparency Grid.Click on that icon to see if you have a transparent background. If you see grid background on turning that checkerboard icon on then you have a transparent background and you can proceed further and export transparent background video.

Add Your Composition to Render queue

With that Composition open or selected in project panel Head Over to Composition > Add to render queue or Press ctrl + M (PC) or Command + M (Mac).

Change the Output Module Options

In render queue under your composition click on the lossless in front of output module.Change the format to quicktime or any other format that supports alpha. In the video output section change the channels from RGB to RGB + Alpha.In the Format Options select animation codec.Press Ok.

Change the Output Path

Click on Output to and define the path where you want to save the output.


Click on Render button.

After render completion you have your video with alpha channel that you can easily composite with your footage.You can use this method to export video with transparent background whether you want to use overlays,effects or lowerthirds etc.

Do you have any other ways to export transparent background in after effects? Do Share it with us.

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