Adobe After Effects is arguably one of the most widely used software for motion graphics. It is an Essential part of the workflow for many artists in video production.

Though It is a very efficient application and can really help you achieve many unthinkable effects. But an artist never gets enough . Everyone wants more.

That’s where 3rd party plugins and effects come into the frame. They extend the functionality of after effects and make it more convenient and easy to use. But what if you can enhance your workshop for free.Today we will look at best free after effects plugins for motion graphics.

5 Best Free After Effects Plugins to Add to Your Workflow

Here are 5 Plugins that can really make your life easier and make complex animations easier to do. You can download these after effects plugins for free.

5) Saber

Thinking of after effects , one of the first thing that comes to mind is video copilot.

Video Copilot has some amazing tools and training videos for after effects.It has wide range of tools and presets for after effects but what makes it more special is that it offers few free after effects plugins.

One of those is the Saber plugin. This is an amazing plugin that lets you create beautiful light sabers without doing much work. It has some quick and easy customization options to adjust its start – end size , add flickering and much more.There are around 40 preset that give you amazing looks right off the bat.You can also use saber for text and layer masks.

4) Animation Composer

Animation Composer from Mister Horse is best free after effect plugin for animating.

Actually it is library of motion presets and precomps that can be adjusted as per requirement. All the animations are non destructive which makes it convenient to use in busy projects where there are many layers.

It really makes animating fun and easy. One can focus on the art without caring about keyframes.You can change animations in any stage of the project without any hassle.

3) Flame

You may have seen those beautiful smokey fractal designs and thought about creating those.But creating those in after effects natively requires lots of work.If you want it to be quick and easy; then you need to spend some bucks for 3rd party plugins like trapcode mir that are dedicated for this kind of work.

But don’t worry ; Ae flame is a wonderful free option for that work.You can create lovely animated fractals with this effect without doing much work.There are quick customization options for colour ,intensity etc.

2) Duik

If you do character animation then there is nothing like Duik for after effects & that too for free.It lets you rig characters and animate them right inside after effects without too much hassle. Character animation in after effects requires very much work if you do this directly. But duik makes it really easy to do. It rigs in single click. It has all the options like forward and inverse kinematics,constrains and effectors. It really makes easy workflow for character animation. so, that even a novice can do that.

1) Orb

Another Gem from Video Copilot. This company kills it everytime they launch a new product. VC Orb is an amazing plugin to create real 3d spheres right inside after effects. Although it’s free but it’s capabilities put many paid plugins to shame.

You can create 3D planets within seconds and render them in no time.It uses physical shader which makes render look realistic. You can really design some amazing graphics with the help of amazing lighting and illumination options, 360°  environment rendering and texturing.

So, that pretty much wraps up our list of 5 Best Free After Effects Plugins for Motion Designers. We found these free plugins really useful for motion design .

Though there can’t be an ultimate list. because there are so many options there. Many are free others are paid .

So, This was our perspective on free after effects plugins that you can use to enhance your after effects workflow and take your work to the next level.Please tell us if you have experience of any other useful plugin for adobe after effects.

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