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If you are reading this article then probably you are eager to dive in the never ending world of learning after effects.You may have got fascinated by work of some big artists using this tool. You got inspired; you downloaded trial of after effects, full of curiosity and anthusiasm you opened the application but within 5 minutes you got bamboozled by what’s happening there.Now you are browsing web finding ways to learn after effects. Similar story of so many motion designers and digital artists.

It’s true that after effects may seem a bit of intimidating at first but it’s not that difficult. If you dedicate few hours daily into it then within 8-10 weeks you can become quite good at it.However learning after effects never stops because you’ll always discover new techniques and problems in it.But the fundamental parts would become clear in a few weeks. What you need is keen interest and passion for learning, patience to keep practicing even when you suffer in doing something and ofcourse a good resource to learn.

In this article I would like to tell you about some of the resources that can really help you to get started and keep moving in the world of after effects.

Best Resources to Learn After Effects

College or Institution

My First Option would definitely be a institution college. Because you can get one to one assistance and specialized training. In an institute you can get instant feedback for you work and solution for your every problem. which otherwise can take a longer time to solve by yourself. Also in a class like that you get professional level assignments which raise your skill level.

After Effects Official Tutorials

Original Source is always reliable. Adobe has a series of tutorials on their website for artists of every level.You can go to their website and watch tutorials according to your level and skills.

Video Copilot

Well I don’t think I have to tell you about Video Copilot. Even If you have researched a little bit about after effects then you would have definitely heard about Video Copilot or Mr. Andrew Kramer. It’s an amazing source of tools for after effects and a magnificent resource for learning beginner to advanced level techniques in after effects.

School Of Motion

This is another great resource for learning not only after effects but also for photoshop,illustrator,cinema 4D etc. There are many courses available for after effects. You can buy these courses and start learning from know with a well organised curriculum. If you want to understant deeply the concepts of design animation then it’s a great option to check.

Creative Cow

Creative Cow is another great resource where you can find amazing tutorials for digital art. Also there is great forum where you can find answers to all your queries; so next time if you google solution for any after effects problem definitely check out their forum. It will really save your day.

Motion Array

Motion Array also has a great set of tutorials to help you learn after effects. They not only have tutorials for after effects but also you can learn some other tools there.


There are great after effects related channels on youtube which you can explore to find out which suits you according to your skills. There are channels for every skill level. Some of them are After Effects Tutorials w/ Mickey,EC Abrams,Mt.Mograph etc. You can checkout these channels and learn. Also don’t shy away from searching specific tutorials on youtube.

These were some of the resources that I thought are very good to learn after effects. Apart from these, there are many other resources on internet which can be helpful. There are many courses on learning websites like linkedin learning,skillshare,Udemy and pluralsight. You can also search on google and youtube for specific tutorials and ask your questions in forums.

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